30 September 2022

Sequela Christi – A Journey into God, in the footsteps of St Francis

‘Sequela Christi’ translates into: following Christ.

St. Francis was a great lover and imitator of Christ (Imitatio Christi), conforming to Him not only inwardly but also outwardly (by receiving the Stigmata). This is an annual pilgrimage where members of the Fraternitas – Franciscan Young Adults (FYA) embark on a spiritual journey to receive the Child Jesus in a special way over Christmas in Franciscan Italy.

There, they follow in the footsteps of St Francis and the other Franciscan saints who have gone before us, and find the same humility and joy of the Gospel that he was deeply conformed to.

This video is brought to you by Fraternitas – Franciscan Young Adults(FYA).

FYA is a fraternity of Catholic young adults based in Singapore and led by the Franciscan Friars. FYA meets every Monday 8pm for Lectio Divina, every first Monday of the month for Franciscan Book Club, and every few months they host speakers from around the world in conversation on topics related to Franciscan Spirituality – from social justice to social media, from aesthetics to contemplation.

For more info:

Website: https://fraternitas.sg/fya

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Registration: https://tinyurl.com/fyasignup

Email: administrator@fraternitas.sg or fya@fraternitas.sg

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