The Franciscan Columbarium is located directly beneath the Garden of World Peace at the Church of St Mary of the Angels. It was designed as a peaceful retreat, a place not only for the ashes of loved ones, but also for prayer and quiet contemplation.

Nine interconnected rooms, each named after a Franciscan saint, lead off a central corridor and are airy and bright with natural light from skylights that open to the garden above. The niches holding the ashes of the deceased are set in a pattern resembling the alternating bricks of a wall, a reminder that the Church is made of the living stones of its people.  

The Laverna Wake Room is adjacent to the columbarium and can accommodate up to 80 people.

To book a niche and/or a wake room, please fill up the forms below and contact us to make an appointment. You can also have the name of your deceased relatives or friends engraved onto the Gates of Life at the main entrance of the columbarium. They will be remembered in the daily prayers and masses of the Franciscan community.

All payments by cheque should be made payable to The Order of Friars Minor (S) Ltd – Columbarium.

The reservation or use of a niche is subject to our agreement to be entered into by the applicant.