The chapel of San Damiano located just outside the town of Assisi in Italy played a very important part in the spiritual life of St Francis and St Clare. It was San Damiano that Francis visited regularly to pray to know God’s will. It was San Damiano where Christ Jesus on the Cross hanging above spoke directly to Francis asking him to “Rebuild my Church …”. It was at San Damiano that St Clare lived her entire Religious Life being transformed in prayer, contemplation and service. 

So the San Damiano Franciscan Centre is well named for house of prayer. What few know is that the building was originally built for the Poor Clare nuns. So, all who enter are entering a Franciscan House of Prayer in which resides a community of Franciscan Friars who minister within and without the centre. 

Anyone who seeks to do as Francis, to come away to San Damiano to pray and seek the will of God, is welcome. Come, be a part of this little community of prayer for a while. Come, take the time to recharge in this sacred space, to avail yourself of the opportunity to get some spiritual direction as you discern your way forward in life.

Our house of prayer is a quiet, restful space with its own chapel, located within the Franciscan Complex in Bukit Batok. The grounds and the Church of St Mary of Angels are additional prayer spaces, and those who wish to encounter God in nature have only to cross the road to Bukit Batok Nature Park or venture further to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Come to our House of Prayer for Spiritual Direction, an Individually Guided Retreat, a Self-Guided Retreat, a Day of prayer or quiet, Small Group Retreats or a Small Group Day of Recollection. The San Damiano Franciscan Centre has eight en-suite bedrooms for live-in retreatants and two meeting rooms suitable for talks or workshops for small to medium sized groups.

The Franciscan Friars also welcome those seeking ways to contribute to our Franciscan Centre’s mission of helping all people of good will find God’s will for them. 

For enquiries and bookings, contact us via email: or phone: +65 8188 3725 (WhatsApp/Telegram/Text/Call). We invite you to keep in touch with us through our Instagram page and our Facebook page to find out about what’s happening at the Franciscan Centre.





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