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The Order of Friars Minors, also called the Franciscan Friars, is a Catholic religious order founded by St Francis of Assisi in 1209.

The word ‘friar’ means “brother”, and the Order of Friars Minor, or “Order of Lesser Brothers”, is first and foremost a brotherhood. Franciscan Friars seek to follow Jesus Christ more closely, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and in accordance with the Rule of Life composed by St Francis.

Through their religious profession, Franciscan Friars dedicate themselves totally to God in obedience, with nothing of their own, and in chastity. They seek to live a life of prayer and devotion, bear witness to the Gospel in a spirit of charity, ongoing personal conversion and minority, and preach reconciliation, peace, and justice.

They strive to recognise those around them as their brothers and sisters, engage in dialogue with believers of other faiths, and show respect for all creation.