Passion of Christ – The Friars’ Jam

Join us in our Friars’ Jam: Holy Week edition with Friar Derrick and Jacob Teo. As we accompany our Saviour with palms and praises to the Holy City, as He enters to meet His painful destiny, may we follow Him faithfully to the end.

Song Title: Passion of Christ

Words & Music : Ethan Hsu

Singer : Friar Derrick Yap,OFM

Guitar : Jacob Teo

In You, I Rest – The Friars’ Jam

Join us in our Friars’ Jam: Lenten edition (unplugged sessions) featuring Friar Derrick Yap, OFM, and Jacob Teo!

Dedicating this song especially for those who are heavily burdened with the miseries and afflictions of life and all who have asked us to pray for them.

May God continue to strengthen you with His grace and goodness.

Song Title: In You, I Rest

Words & Music : Ethan Hsu

Singer : Friar Derrick Yap,OFM

Guitar : Jacob Teo

Custos Connect : Finding Christmas

Dearest family and friends,

May the Lord give you peace!

As 2020 comes to a close, we give thanks for the year, for the blessings that God has given us and for the challenges that in the end have made us more creative and faithful to God.

In this episode, Friar Derrick shares with us the latest update taking place in the Custody. Tune in to find out more!

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Lean On Me – The Friars’ Jam

Hello everyone!

In today’s episode, Friar Nelson Evarinus, OFM together with our postulant, Timothy Fong, would like to dedicate this song to all of you out there.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of us are now subject to some form of change and each one of us is dealing with it in different ways. 

These adjustments have caused a variety of reactions, from panic to fear and anxiety.

All of us have to come to terms that we live in a world of uncertainty and change. 

It’s our prayer that each of one of you will continue to experience God’s help in all your adversities. May the Lord be with us and grant us his peace and serenity.

Bring Him Home – The Friars’ Jam

“God on high, hear my prayer. In my need, you have always been there…”

“Bring Him Home” is a song from the popular Broadway musical a Les Misérables, which is performed by the main character, Jean Valjean.

This song has become an anthem for people around the world and helps provide comfort for those in need. Many have adopted the song as a personal prayer for their loved ones who serve in the armed forces, missions, or are otherwise apart from their families.

As we dedicate this song to you, it is our prayer that you’ll find peace and goodness during this time of difficulties.